Miniature Bulldogs
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Miniature Bulldogs

If you are looking for a Miniature Bulldog puppy with traceable blood lines, healthy parents
and a sweet, loving temperament, then look no further than Glorious Kennel.

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The Miniature Bulldog looks like a small version of the English Bulldog with the desirous wrinkled face and ears that hang down. The Miniature Bulldog breed was introduced in 1999. There are several different ways breeders have achieved the smaller sized dog. Some have cross bred the full size English Bulldog with a smaller breed such as a French Bulldog, Pug or Boston Terrier. Using these small breeds contributed to the small size and health of the new breed, but the classic face with wrinkles like that of the English Bulldog started to disappear. So after several generations of this cross breeding, breeders are once again breeding a Miniature Bulldog with the original English Bulldog to bring back the classic look. Others are trying to breed the smallest dogs of “full size" English Bulldogs in order to produce a smaller size, but that doesn't help with the health problems the English Bulldogs have. And generally speaking, you don’t use the smallest runts of one breed to start another smaller breed.

At Glorious Kennel, we concentrate on producing a true Miniature Bulldog with the classic bulldog look. Our goal is to not only have small and cute bulldogs, but to develop a more active and healthier breed than the founding English Bulldog.

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