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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Miniature Bulldog?

The Miniature Bulldog is a small version of the English Bulldog with the distinctive wrinkled face and ears that hang down. The Miniature Bulldog breed was introduced in 1999. They are not only small and cute bulldogs, but also more active and healthier than their big brothers.

Development methods of some Miniature Bulldog breeders have been kept secret, but some breeders share their experiences and knowledge. There is a lot of controversy over what is right and what is not. There are probably several different ways breeders have achieved the smaller sized dog. Some have cross bred the full size English Bulldog with a smaller breed such as a French Bulldog, Pug or Boston Terrier. All these small breeds contributed to the small size of the new breed, but the classic face with wrinkles like that of the original bulldog was lost. So after several generations of this cross breeding, breeders are going back to the original English bulldog to bring back the classic look. Others are trying to breed the smallest dogs of “full size" English Bulldogs in order to produce a smaller size, but that doesn't help with the health problems the original bulldogs have. And generally speaking you don’t use the smallest runts of one breed to start another smaller breed. DNA is DNA. Even if you breed smaller sized English Bulldogs, you still produce English Bulldogs. At Glorious Kennel, we are both cross breeding to produce a Miniature Bulldog as well as keeping and improving the Miniature Bulldog bloodlines we already have established.

Check out the or web sites for additional information on English Bulldogs (or giant bulldogs).

How big do they get?

Miniature Bulldog should be between 30-40 lbs, but some get bigger when they get older. The height is approximately 12-14 inches (measured from the floor to the top of their shoulders) and the length is between 17 and 24 inches.

How long do they live?

A healthy Miniature Bulldog will live 10 or more years.

What type of temperament do they have?

Miniature Bulldogs are good watchdogs, but even more they are good and loyal companions. They have a friendly and loving temperament.

How much exercise do they need?

They are perfect companions for people in apartments and small houses with small yards.  They do not need much exercise although they do enjoy going outside.

What are common health problems with Miniature Bulldogs?

A significant 73.9% of English Bulldogs have problems with hip dysplasia. Check out the Orthopedic Foundation for Animal's Hip Dysplasia website for more information about hip dysplasia in bulldogs. So far, Miniature Bulldogs seem to be healthier than normal sized English Bulldogs. Other health concerns that can be inherited from English Bulldogs include breathing problems and eyelashes that turn inward and scratch the eye.

Here are some other web sites you may find useful: The Internet Animal Hospital for health related questions, Pet Information for general information on raising and caring for a pet, and Entirely Pets for good prices on pet care products, medications and supplies.

We welcome you to contact Dr. Robert Hutchison at Animal Clinic Northview, the Glorious Kennel veterinarian. He knows all of our dogs well and will assure you we make it a priority to give them the best health care possible.

What specific food and vitamins do you recommend?

We use and strongly recommend Canidae and Taste of the Wild dog foods. Both of these companies provide good quality, natural food made from human grade ingredients for all stages of life.

We also recommend Nuvet Vitamins and here is a Letter of Recommendation. These vitamins provide everything your dog needs for perfect health from puppies to senior dogs. When ordering from Nuvet, use order code 40439 for a discounted price.

Are they good with children or other pets?

Miniature Bulldogs are very tolerant of children and readily adjust to being with other pets. This is one of the reasons we selected to add this breed to our kennel. Our Miniature Bulldogs and Shiloh Shepherds are best buddies. As you'll see in pictures in the Mini Bulldog Photo Gallery, our dogs share their home happily with children and other pets.

What type of coats and colors do they have?

Miniature Bulldogs have a short, dense coat of hair. The colors of a Miniature Bulldog can be from red, brown, fawn, brindle to all white. Only the all black color is not desired in Miniature Bulldogs.

How can I buy a puppy?

You can start by exploring this Glorious Kennel website. We encourage you to research other breeders. After doing so, we believe you will come back to us to buy a Glorious Miniature Bulldog Puppy.

Consider using this Breeder Interview Checklist containing questions we ask when looking to purchase a puppy to add to Glorious Kennel. We also encourage you to search the internet for information on the kennel or club prior to buying a puppy. For example, this Ripoff Report and this Ripoff Report would come up if you searched for "Miniature Bulldogs" on the internet.

Where can I see a Miniature Bulldog in person?

Glorious Kennel always welcomes visitors. Just give us a call to set up an appointment or if you have more questions: (440) 729-4397. Check out the Contact Us page for a map of our location and to get specific directions.

Is there a registry?

A Miniature Bulldog is a new breed and still being developed. All new breeds take years of refinement before they are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our Miniature Bulldogs are registered with The National Miniature Bulldog Registry (NMBR). At Glorious Kennel, a Miniature Bulldog puppy will come with pedigree papers at no extra charge.

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